Social safety nets modernization

USIF activity in the framework of implementation of part 3 of ‘Social Safety Nets Modernization’ Project
Ukrainian Government ensures implementation of ‘Social Safety Nets Modernization’ Project (hereinafter referred to as "the Project"), which is supported by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development ("IBRD"). The main government agency that implements this Project is the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine ("MOSP"). The Project goal is to improve the performance of the system of social assistance and social services of Ukraine for families with low incomes. This goal will be achieved through: expansion of the program of state social assistance to low-income families in order to improve the access of the extremely poor population to this program; - support of measures aimed at improving the efficiency of administering of social benefits and services by: (a) improvement of work efficiency through introduction of an information management system; (b) introduction of state control over the observance of legislation at social support provision; and (c) integration of payments and services data into a single information management system that will cover all local authorities and social sphere institutions; expansion of family forms of education for orphans and children deprived of parental care, as well as social support for families with children in difficult living conditions, in order to avoid placement of children in orphanages, prevent social orphanhood and improve the quality of social services, introduction of alternative forms of child custody and care for children with disabilities. Thus, the Project should contribute to the successful implementation of social reforms aimed at reducing poverty and increasing social protection of the most vulnerable groups of population. The role of USIF in implementation of the Project objectives is defined in the Loan Agreement No. 8404-UA of July 9, 2014 and in the Operational Manual of the Project "Social Safety Nets Modernization" (hereinafter - Manual). Part 1 of the Manual specifies in particular, that USIF will carry out the procurement of works (goods and services) in the framework of the implementation of Part 3 of the Project directly related to execution of renovation and reconstruction works on social facilities as well as acquisition of necessary goods and corresponding services for execution of the aforementioned works. Accordingly, USIF activity will be directed at preparation and financing of works for the arrangement of family-type orphanages and re-organization of existing residential institutions for orphans, children deprived of parental care and children with disabilities, including improvement of these facilities to be used for renewed functions. USIF activities on the implementation of Part 3 of the Project are coordinated by the MOSP through the Project Management Group (hereinafter - PMG) and USIF Supervisory Board. In order to support implementation of Part 3 of the Project, MOSP on a competitive basis chooses the Consultant (legal entity) to develop plans of transformation of boarding institutions.

Upon their approval, USIF launches its activities, aimed at improvement of infrastructure of corresponding boarding institutions.  

In accordance with PMG instructions of December 2018 and USIF Supervisory Board decisions of January 2019, USIF at present implements necessary measures to renovate boarding school in the town of Volodarka and specialized children house in the town of Boyarka (both objects located in Kyiv region).

USIF has already developed and agreed with the donor the Project Operational Manual and the Project Procurement Plan. The Project Coordinator has been contracted and TORs for members of the Project management team have been drafted.