USIF Quality Management Policy

Approved by the protocol of the meeting
of USIF Co-ordination Council on quality matters № 35 of May, 16, 2020
USIF Policy in the quality area:
USIF Mission: strengthening territorial communities’ capacities, improvement conditions for providing basic social services, promotion development of the social sphere and infrastructure of Ukraine.
USIF Vision: Reliable and predictable partner in the effective use of international assistance funds intended for social needs with a focus on social infrastructure objects development.
USIF Mission is achieved through implementation of the following strategic objectives:
  • realization, in accordance with international treaties and Ukrainian legislation, of projects aimed at improvement of the infrastructure of social, educational and medical facilities implemented at the expense of financial resources provided within the framework of international technical assistance and programs of economic and social development of Ukraine, supported by international financial organizations, according to purposes and tasks agreed upon between donors or international financial institutions on the one hand, and beneficiaries or responsible executors, on the other hand;
  • provision of local governments, territorial communities, members of these communities and public organizations with technical and advisory assistance in subprojects preparation and implementation;
  • creation of working places by involving small and medium businesses in subprojects implementation;
  • involvement of all interested parties in provision of social and other services to members of territorial communities and public organizations, promotion of competition in the field of these services provision.
USIF main objectives in the quality area are as follows:
  • continuous improvement of the quality management system;
  • implementation of projects in accordance with the tasks specified by donors and the needs of beneficiaries;
  • implementation of measures on preservation/restoration and improvement of conditions for provision of social, educational and medical services;
  • increasing communities capacities in solving local problems;
  • introduction and observance of integrity principles;
  • achievement of positive recognition and visibility;
  • expansion of the scope of activities.
USIF management assumes the responsibility to continuously increase the quality of provided services and promote development of the quality management system by improving procedures, personnel training, adaptation of the material and technical base to the needs of implemented projects in accordance with the current legislation and motivated wishes of interested parties.
On the basis of the audit, conducted in August 2018, the certification body (DQS GmbH) confirmed validity of the certificate on compliance of USIF quality management system with international standard ISO 9001: 2015 requirements.