School №3 Izyum city School №3 Izyum city School №3 Izyum city
School №3 Izyum city School №3 Izyum city School №3 Izyum city
School №3 Izyum city
State: Project is completed

School №3 Izyum city

Project measures:
Settlement Izyum city
The main typology Preschool and basic education
Address of the object 5 Kapitana Orlova street, Izyum city, Kharkiv oblast
Main works and activities

Reconstruction of a part of the roof under the membrane with insulation, replacement of windows and input group of doors to energy-saving

Implementation period 25.04.2016 - 10.08.2018
Percentage of completion of work 100%
Cost of subproject 4 696 946
Area m2 5 785,00
Contractor type "Facad-Krona" LLC
Number of Beneficiaries 2084
Works stages
Selected for financing
Documentation in the process of development
Selection of contractors
Receipt of documentation
Works in progress
Warranty period
Project is completed
Additional commentary

The problem of creating quality conditions for the upbringing of children is the most important for the community. The community has resources to collect the contribution. The school was built in 1985. The building is built without taking into account modern energy saving norms, windows and an entrance door group in an emergency due to long-term operation. As a result, the temperature regime in the premises of the secondary school is not observed. Every year, by the community, only cosmetic repairs of the premises are carried out, and the community does not have sufficient funds to solve the priority problem on its own. The community has no way to solve the problem on its own. The project is very important for the community