‘Promotion of Social Infrastructure Development. Improvement of rural basic health. USIF.VII’ Project
Implementation period: 2019 – 2023.
Donor: German Government through KfW
Budget: EUR 14,45 mln.
Territory of implementation: Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhia and Kharkiv regions, districts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions under control of Ukraine.
Objectives: improvement conditions for provision of primary healthcare services through energy-efficient renovation of primary health care centers and supply of medical equipment.
It is expected that renovation of not less, than 40 objects will be financed. Comprehensive capacity measures for the focus groups: physicians, health care centers managers, health care officials of the local and reginal level will be organized and held.
Current implementation status: The project is still in the initial stage of its implementation.
Interested communities have submitted applications (subproject proposals) for participation in the selection competition of objects (subprojects) for further implementation. Their study and evaluation are currently being completed.

USIF Executive Committee preliminary endorsed the Environmental and Social Management Framework for USIF VII Project

Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) has been developed to minimize potential negative environmental and social impacts and to maximize benefits to local communities and the environment in the result of USIF VII Project implementation. ESMF provides a comprehensive framework on management of potentially adverse social and environmental impacts within the Project and includes targeted mitigation and compensation measures compatible with World Bank standards for environmental protection and social security.

ESMF has been developed on the basis of the provisions of the Separate Agreement of 12.08.2019 to the Financing and Project Agreement of May 20, 2019, in particular, its paragraph II.2.2. and in compliance with environmental, social, safety and health requirements and in accordance with requirements of USIF Operational Manual (Manual/OM), set out in Section 6 ‘Policies, Rules and Procedures of Environmental and Social Impact of Subprojects’, in Annex IV to OM and intended to detail ‘Improvement of Rural Basic Health (USIF VII)’ Project implementation.

ESMF has been developed as a practical guide of application of preventive environmental and social measures to be used by USIF Subproject Implementation Partners (SIPs) at SPs implementation, by USIF local consultants, community members, local government representatives, contractors involved in SPs implementation as well as by general public in the regions of the Project implementation.

On the basis of the decision of USIF Executive Committee on its preliminary endorsement, ESMF is published on USIF’s web-site.

All interested parties are kindly invited to familiarize themselves with the document and until 20.06.2020 submit to USIF corresponding comments and suggestions for their consideration and possible incorporation into the final version of ESMF.