Regarding the Procedure of the Appointing the Executive Director of USIF

Before the meeting of the USIF Supervisory Board held on 20th June, 2017 the USIF executive director addressed to the Head of the Supervisory Board with a written request to dismiss him from the executive director position on his own will.

Basing on this written request and on the oral request by executive director who was participating in the Board meeting the Board took a decision to satisfy it and to dismiss the executive director starting from 21stof June.

Secondly, the Board has appointed Mr. Andriy Laktionov, the manager in the staff of USIF executive direction, to carry out duties of the USIF executive director before the appointing of new director.

Third, the Board has developed and approved the following criteria for the selection procedure for a completion for executive director position:

-Ukrainian citizenship, masters’ degree in economics or legal sciences;

Not restrictive but providing an advantage:

-Experience of work at managerial positions, not less than 3 years;

-Experience of managing international technical assistance projects, not less than 3 years;

-Experience of procurement management including international donors procedures, not less than 3 years;

-Experience of work within projects which includes construction and/or renovation works, not less than 1 year;

-Knowledge of English and/or German language at a level allowing to perform business mailing and conversation.

The Board has authorized Ministry of Social Policy to perform the preselection process aiming the selection at least three candidates in the short list. The Board has authorized Head of the Board to propose to the consideration by the Board one candidate or more.

The Board has authorized Ministry of Social Policy to make the announcement.

All the decisions by the Board were taken by a voting procedure. Mr. L. Horn-Haacke, Director of KfW Office in Ukraine, has participated in the Supervisory Board meeting.

The announcement for the competition was published via web-sources on 22nd of June. It was published at,,,,

The final date of submitting the applications was 26th of July. By this date more than one hundred applications had been received.

The selection committee has chosen 7 candidates which had submitted the USIF development strategy for the interviews.

The interviews took place on 1st of August.

The selection committee which included representatives of the MoSP, Ministry of Economy and Trade Development, Ministry of Finances, NGOs has selected three candidates for consideration by the Supervisory Board. The information about candidates was published at the MoSP web on 7th of August.

Simultaneously the process of preparing the new redaction of the USIF provision and the project of Cabinet of Ministers decree approving the new membership of the Supervisory Board was going and is still going as of today.

After the approving of new membership of the Board the Board will be proposed to consider the preselected candidates and to appoint the executive director.

If failed, the competition process will be repeated.

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