KfW Senior Project Manager visited Kiev kindergarten 159

KfW Senior Project Manager visited Kiev kindergarten 159

In the course of staying in Ukraine, dedicated to establishment of effective interaction between USIF and International Implementation Consultants in the framework of “Promotion of Social Infrastructure Development. USIF VI” Project , Senior Project Manager of the German Development Bank KfW Larissa Schönfeld on 26 July 2019 payed a visit to Kiev Kindergarten №159.

Together with USIF Executive Director Andriy Laktionov, they inspected three group premises that were renovated by the Ukrainian Social Investment Fund in the framework of implementation of Phase 2 of the Project "Promotion of Social Infrastructure Development. USIF V».

Mrs. Schönfeld had an opportunity to personally observe the proper quality of accomplished renovation and construction works and hear positive feedback on co-operation with USIF from the director of this kindergarten and the representative of the city education department, who also expressed their special thanks to KfW and USIF for donation to the kindergarten of expensive, energy efficient equipment (drying machine).

Such equipment (drying, washing, vegetable cutting machines and refrigeration  chambers) in the amount of nearly UAH 1 million, as a bonus for active cooperation within the framework of USIF V Project, was purchased and transferred by USIF to 25 Kyiv kindergartens.


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