«Community-based social service delivery» project implementation in Тernopil region is under way

«Community-based social service delivery» project implementation in Тernopil region is under way

Ternopil territorial communities have nominated members of the local initiative groups or Subprojects Implementation Partners (SIPs) at community forums held in June, 2019.

This important step of providing authorization to members to represent corresponding community was necessary in order to move forward under “Community Based Services Delivery” Project, implemented jointly with USIF and with the World Bank and Japan Social Development Fund support.

The most frequent challenges to vulnerable people at the local level were discussed during forums. Several times in this context cases of families where children with disabilities are growing and developing were mentioned. Issues of support to elderly people and youth are among the communities’ priorities as well. The local capacity to provide services to antiterrorist operation veterans and their families was also the matter of particular professional interest of local authorities. One more sphere, namely support to families who appeared to be in difficult life conditions, was identified as important but rather challenging for local specialists.

All these issues may become certain starting points for development of the local three year social policy plans which will be drafted with USIF assistance. The next, logical step will be  development of micro-projects proposals on actual social services delivery in 17 pilot amalgamated territorial communities of Ternopil region.



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