Press conference on matters of provision of internally displaced persons with housing was held in Kharkiv

Press conference on matters of provision of internally displaced persons with housing was held in Kharkiv

The press conference devoted to provision of housing for internally displaced persons in Kharkiv region was held on June 20, 2019. It was mentioned there, in particular, that the new housing in six renovated buildings in Zolochiv, Dergachi, Izyum, Krasnograd, Lozova and Bogodukhiv will receive 272 internally displaced persons, 54 of which have already moved to their new homes. Major repairs to improve the living conditions of displaced persons were made in 16 apartments and 99 rooms under USIF V Project, implemented by the Ukrainian Social Investment Fund with use of grant  funds of the German Government, provided through the KfW Development Bank.

"The people we call IDPs came to us to build a normal Ukraine, so we need to help them to adapt and realize themselves," said Sergii Kadygrob, Director of the Eastern Regional of the Ukrainian Social Investment Fund. - Thanks to the help of the Government of Germany, our Fund implements USIF V Project. We come precisely to those towns and  communities where it is really necessary to invest in the social sphere and in social development. Six towns won the competition and became places for implementation of our Project. In the beginning, the focus was on creating as many as housing places as possible  in order to quickly provide IDPs with a roof over their heads. Therefore, most places were arranged in the hostels. However, a certain part of places was created in the apartments of restored buildings, as it is done in Krasnograd".

Two restored buildings in Kharkiv region had already been settled - 10 families had received keys from new homes Bogodukhiv and 12 in Krasnograd. In four other towns  the settlement will take place in the near future. IDPs will receive housing for free and will have to pay only utility bills.

"Our close cooperation with the Ukrainian Social Investment Fund led to development of the design of the building," - said Kateryna Yenina, secretary of the Krasnograd City Council. - 12 apartments (four two-room and eight one-room) of the building are already settled. These apartments are provided with appropriate housing facilities - bathrooms, kitchens, and the like. The city has got a modern housing, very comfortable for living. It should also be noted that one third of the settlers who received housing in Krasnograd are children".

Taking into account IDPs’ and local resident’s needs, two kindergartens, four schools, and a Vovchansk special boarding house were repaired by the Ukrainian Social Investment Fund in Kharkiv region.

"As of today, more than 129 thousand internally displaced persons are officially registered in Kharkiv region," - said Yuriy Shparaga, Director of the Department of Social Protection of Population of Kharkiv Regional State Administration. - Due to work of the Ukrainian Social Investment Fund, 272 persons are provided with housing. In this case, we are talking about the socially unprotected groups of population - namely, those citizens who could not afford housing and adapt themselves without outside help. The complex of issues, related to IDPS adaptation, includes provision of housing and their further social support. Some social infrastructure objects:  pre-school and school-based educational institutions in towns where IDPs got housing were renovated as well."

By now  about 52.3 million UAH have already been invested in the renovation of housing for IDPs in Kharkiv region USIF V Project. The total amount of investments in social infrastructure objects of the region is about 88 million UAH.








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