Community based social service delivery

The Community-Based Social Service Delivery Project
(Odesa and Ternopil regions)
The Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF) through the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development awarded a grant to the Government of Ukraine under Grant Agreement No. TF0A8367 of September 27, 2018 for the implementation of the Community-Based Social Service Delivery Project.
According to the Grant Agreement, the Ukrainian Social Investment Fund is responsible for Project implementation on behalf of the Government of Ukraine.
Grant amount: USD 2850.0 thousand
Project implementation period: December 2018 – October 2022.
The Project aims to support amalgamated territorial communities of Odessa and Ternopil regions to strengthen their capacities in providing high-quality social services to residents, increasing access to social and communal infrastructure in the community and improving the coverage with social services of vulnerable groups of population (older people, people with disabilities, families in difficult living conditions).
The Project will promote implementation of piloted social service delivery models in communities through the development of social services in 30 amalgamated communities of the poorest rayons in Odessa and Ternopil regions. In addition, microprojects will be funded within the framework of the Project at the community level to improve the coverage of vulnerable groups of population with social services. Local self-governments/local authorities will be supported in order to provide residents with high-priority services identified in response to demand through involvement of various providers, including civil society organizations, private and state service providers. Thus, they can expand the range of service providers beyond the existing public institutions and learn how to order services from non-public service providers, if acceptable.
It is expected that during 2019 project management staff will be selected, technical support to identified communities in Ternopil and Odesa regions will be provided to assess their needs for social services, develop three-year social development programs and prepare microprojects’ proposals for participation in microprojects’ competition. It is also envisaged to provide communities with necessary equipment and hold trainings (training courses) for local social services providers.
The Project should contribute to the successful implementation of social reforms aimed at ensuring sustainable human development, reducing poverty and improving social protection of the most vulnerable groups of population.
Experience gained as a result of piloting of social service delivery models will be used by the Government at the national level. The models that prove to be efficient will continue to be implemented at the national level and financed from the state and local budgets.
USIF has already developed and agreed with the donor the Project Operational Manual and the Project Procurement Plan. The Project Coordinator has been contracted and TORs for members of the Project management team have been drafted.